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Product Name:Sublimation ink

Product Details:
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Product Description
transfer sublimation ink
$keywords$ production description
  • This is water based dye sublimation ink, when print on transfer paper, heat press to material.
  • The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure; the process ensures beautiful color and high definition images, and firm stick picture.
  • Wide color gamut, vivid color. You can print true color from design.
  • It will no clog / block print head for long time use. And get fluent print no break lines.
  • Print on material shiny bright. After print on material.
  • After transfer to material, the pictures bear friction, bear scratch, do not fade.
Colors we can offer for $keywords$:
K C M Y LC LM PK MK LK LLK Gray etc.
$keywords$ for used on printers?

(1). for Epson large format printers, such as:
For Epson stylus pro 3800 3880 3800c 3885 3850 3890
For Epson stylus pro 7700 7710 9700 9710
For Epson stylus pro 7890 9890 7908 9908
For Epson stylus pro 11880
For Epson B-300DN 500DN 310DN 510DN 318DN 518DN 308DN 508DN
For Epson stylus pro 10000 10600
For Epson stylus pro 7880 9880 7450 9450 7800 9800 7400 9400
For Epson stylus pro 4880 4800 4400 4550 4500
For Epson stylus pro 4000 7600 9600
For Epson stylus pro 5000

(2). for Roland for Mimaki for Mutoh with Epson DX5 print head large format printers
for MIMAKI JV33,TS3-1600,TS34-1800A,TS5-1600C/AMF, JV34-260, JV5-320, TX400-1800D/B, TPC-1000, CJV30, TX3/TX5,MS-JP4/JP5 etc.
for Roland VS-640, FJ-740 etc.
for Mutoh VJ-1618, VJ-1628, VJ-1638W, VJ-1604W, VJ-1624W, RJ-900X etc.
for Epson F6080, F7080, S30680, S50680, etc. which use for Epson TFP print heads.
for Hongjet- 4180, 4165, 8420 etc.printers that made in China.

(3). For Epson desktop printers.


$keywords$ suitable for print on material / media:
  • Use sublimation ink print on transfer paper, heat and press, you can transfer images to 
    metals, plastics, ceramics, polyester cloth, high temperature plastics, such as plexiglas, mylar or melamine.
  • You can use transfer technology transfer picture to T-shirt, mugs, caps and other special things.
$keywords$ working process:
Print to transfer paper -> press and heat to transfer the pcitures from paper to destination material
The best match paper for $keywords$ :
heat transfer paper for sublimation ink 
(Make sure choose good quality paper, because paper is very important element on get qualified pictures)
Tips on changing a new $keywords$:
  1. Before change a new ink, please print nozzle check, make sure all colors come out in good condition.
  2. Total finished and clean the previous ink. Because mix always come out break lines.
  3. When new ink put on, print some pictures and check condition. This is to let the new ink come out smooth. Because ink is come slowly and slowly, and ink pipelines already empty on step (2). We can print 2-3 pages and make nozzle check and clean and print.
  4. If condition is not good, stop 12-24 hours (because bubble may make break lines too, stop can wait bubble break. This is especially important if you use a CISS). And then continue step (3). Then you will get good print condition. A new ink works.
  5. Any time change new ink, please make sure do the step (1)-(4)
$keywords$ details show
sublimation inkheat transfer ink
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